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My Story

This is my story from diagnosis of ARVC to fitting of an ICD. (this maybe a bit boring for some but hopefully useful for anyone going through a similar experience)

My Bosom Buddies Bravissimo

After the op to fit my ICD, during my recovery, I had the luxury of not wearing a bra - total freedom! As I started to heal and become more active, I soon realised I had to get the boys back in the barracks (to quote Alan Partridge). I couldn't let them hang loose forever, having boobs by my waist is never a look I'd aspired to. Now I've been dealt a good hand in the bust department, which I've never minded, but it does require a substantial structure to hoist them up and keep them in place. I wasn't ready to put my old bras back on, my wound was tender and had not quite healed, but I also hadn't adjusted to having the device in that region. I was conscious of the area anyway as it's wher

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