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Do we listen to our bodies?

When I was young I had bright blonde hair, the older I got the more dull my hair became until it didn't resemble a colour at all. They call it mousy, but I've never seen a mouse don this shade of vagueness. So for the best part of 20 years I've had bleached blonde hair. I've enjoyed being blonde, it suited me, but do blondes have more fun? Do they? When they have to sit through gruelling pain to achieve it? I began to find the process increasingly more painful - to the point where my head felt like it had burning hot needles boring into my brain. But you know, beauty is pain (I think that's what they say) and of course I carried on regardless. However 2018 is a year where I am trying to give

Happy New Year!! Kickstarter Launched

Happy New Year Everyone!! I'm so very pleased to be here in 2018, not only am I alive but this is the year I want to launch my project The Beat Goes On, into a play. Which eventually I would like to tour the UK raising awareness of heart conditions. At the end of 2017 I finally got my Arts Council Funding Application in. (It was tough) Speaking to a lady at the Arts Council she mentioned that it strengthens your application if you can raise some of the money yourself so I have officially launched the kickstarter today and really hope that I can raise 10% of what I am asking for.

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