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Living with ARVC

It's been a while since I've recorded any vlogs and my blogs have been few and far between. I could make excuses about how busy I have been, which is true, but the real truth of the matter is that when I began TBGO I was at the very beginning of my journey, just a few months after my diagnosis. Although the purpose of the project was to help other people, at this point I really didn't know how to help myself. I think I needed to live with the disease for a while to work things out. I now appreciate more than ever that it is the 'working things out' that is beneficial to others going through similar experiences. I am on numerous forums/support groups on facebook and it is reassuring to hear

The Sun Spreading Awareness on Valentines Day

Lynsey Hope wrote a fabulous article on behalf of British Heart Foundation for The Sun Newspaper aimed at raising awareness of women living with heart conditions, including myself, read the article here.

It's in my genes!

We are made up of over 20,000 genes. They are our very own, very unique blueprint. Every now and then a gene can contain a change, like a spelling mistake, that alters the gene message and thus a faulty gene is born. On 21st May 2018 (Just over a year after my diagnosis) I found out I had two faulty genes. One of which, was the little devil that most likely caused my ARVC and he is called PKP2 the other was a genetic change of unknown significance - so who knows what that will be responsible for?? Probably my smelly feet or something. When you have genetic testing it's not guarenteed they will find one of the faulty genes that are associated with ARVC so this was the best news I could recei

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