I would like to use this space to share any useful links.  maybe something I have found useful for my recovery or general day to day living.  If you have anything you would like to share or you think might be useful for others please send them to me via the contact page.



Firstly the charities that are amazing, providing us with all the information and support we need. (if you click on the images you can donate to these fabulous charities and support the incredible research they do.)


British Heart Foundation (www.bhf.org.uk)






Cardiomyopathy UK (www.cardiomyopathy.org)



Meditation and mindfulness was a huge part of my recovery (and still is). I used to suffer with anxiety before the diagnosis so I was extremely concerned about having the ICD in my chest. Could I trigger it with anxiety? Mediation and breathing exercises ensure I always stay calm and in control of any situation I am presented with.

I used the Headspace app (www.headspace.com)

It has an excellent sleeping exercise to do to help fall asleep and assist with a good nights sleep - absolutely crucial when recovering and trying to process everything.

For many people with ARVC it has come to light because they enjoy regular high intensity exercise. This was certainly the case for me and not being able to exercise in that way can be one of the biggest changes to your life and the most upsetting.  Especially if like me you have a body that if not exercising that way will soon change shape.  You now have to be extremely careful with diet.  One form of exercise that I have always loved but has been absolutely incredible to my mood and mind is yoga.

I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship from the wonderful Meg (Real Life Yoga - reallifeyoga.net) who is local to me.

I now go to the wonderful sarah brown yoga (if you happen to be in the crystal palace area)

Often yoga can be pricey but that doesn't mean you can't practice at home. Check out Yoga with Adriene on youtube. She's awesome. 

i know for me exercise has been the hardest change of lifestyle.  i absolutely loved high intensity exercise!!

there is nothing better than being drenched in sweat (and dirt if you've done bootcamp). however i do not want to take the risk of shortening my life by progressing the condition.  at the same time we have to stay healthy and fit to prevent any other issues. it's about finding a balance and building confidence with that. i stumbled across this lady if anyone is in the surrey area. angela hartley clinical exercise. she also has a facebook group called healthy hearties