My Bosom Buddies Bravissimo

After the op to fit my ICD, during my recovery, I had the luxury of not wearing a bra - total freedom! As I started to heal and become more active, I soon realised I had to get the boys back in the barracks (to quote Alan Partridge). I couldn't let them hang loose forever, having boobs by my waist is never a look I'd aspired to. Now I've been dealt a good hand in the bust department, which I've never minded, but it does require a substantial structure to hoist them up and keep them in place. I wasn't ready to put my old bras back on, my wound was tender and had not quite healed, but I also hadn't adjusted to having the device in that region. I was conscious of the area anyway as it's where my heart is and I had to be aware of my breathing.

I decided to pop along (slowly amble) to my local Sainsbury's and purchased the cheapest, comfiest looking sack bra I could see, in a size up round the back. It worked, in fact it was so comfortable I bought the same one in three colours and ended up wearing them for eight months!!

What wasn't so great, was the back and shoulder pain I'd been experiencing for a good four months. The pain could have been down to a random device being shoved in my chest, where at one time there must have been space! However,

logic and reason told me it was time to invest in some new quality bras.

I popped along (this time I really did pop, I'm getting faster at walking again), to Bravissimo where I explained to a wonderful assistant my situation. She was incredibly supportive, didn't bat an eyelid at my scar or my condition - she just listened and selected bras that fit me perfectly and were incredibly comfy - straight away! I'm still wearing the same size bra - it's just down to style of the bra that won't irritate or make me feel constrained. I am walking around today feeling amazing, no bounce in my boobs but a bounce in my step!

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